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West Warwick High School Earns Accreditation With Flying Colors!

posted Oct 24, 2014, 3:12 PM by James Monti

West Warwick Senior High School, West Warwick, RI

NEASC Accreditation Press Release:

West Warwick High School Earns Accreditation With Flying Colors!

The Administration at West Warwick High School were notified on September 17, 2014, that the Commission on Public Secondary Schools of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) has recommended that the school receive continued accreditation in the Association. The Commission’s decision was based upon a review of an evaluation report prepared by a visiting committee in April, 2014.   WWHS will now continue to be accredited grades 9 - ­12 for the next ten years.

While on their visit in April 2014, the visiting accreditation team obtained evidence for their final report, which proved to be overwhelmingly positive,  featuring  72 total commendations, addressing numerous aspects of the school community. Commendations included:

  • the supportive, positive school culture built on respect and pride

  • the physical plant is safe and well maintained

  • the wide range of programs to support at-risk students

  • numerous student driven initiatives, such as the bullying prevention campaign, that reflect the school’s core values and beliefs

  • the commitment to increased technology integration by the faculty

  • the use of student achievement data from a variety of formative and summative assessments to inform instructional practices

  • the ongoing focus on curriculum revision

  • the formal opportunities for professional development provided to teachers

  • the high degree of teacher involvement in school initiatives to increase students’ engagement and learning

  • the positive and supportive relationship between the principal, superintendent and school committee

  • a library staff that effectively collaborates with teachers to fully integrate library/media services into the school’s curriculum

  • the various programming and information sessions for students and their families on post secondary  options offered by the Guidance Department

The Commission’s decision confirms the results of an extensive self study which the faculty, administration, and community conducted over the last two years. Using the findings of the self study, and the Commission’s commendations and recommendations, the staff will develop an action plan that ensures continued excellence in education and works toward further improvements.

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges is a voluntary membership organization of more than 2000 public and independent schools, colleges, universities, and vocational, and career institutions. The Association works with individual schools to improve the quality of education through a continuous process of evaluation and accreditation. Accreditation assures that a city’s tax money is supporting a school facility and program that have been judged worthwhile and adhere to the standards of accreditation. The entire 86 page report will be available in hard copy form at the West Warwick Public Library, all schools in the district, and at the West Warwick Public School’s Administration building.  

For further information ­ please contact: Principal Philip Solomon (psolomon@ww-ps.com)

You can view the entire report here.