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iBoss Filter Online

posted May 27, 2015, 5:50 AM by James Monti
The iBoss filter was successfully repaired yesterday afternoon, and it appears that it is functioning appropriately. We tested offsite filtering, and that also appears to be functioning properly. Student Chromebooks should be functioning properly outside of the WWPS-WLAN1 network as well as on site. I want to publicly thank Frank Mealy for his work with Kevin Longo from OSHEAN in rectifying the problem as quickly as possible. 

Once we determined we were having issues with our filtering device OSHEAN switched our filtering from our local device to the OSHEAN core device. This action insured that our students were protected while they were on the WWPS-WLAN1 network. Kevin, Frank and the engineers at iBoss were able to determine that the failure of our iBoss filter was due to corrupt OS files on the appliance. Once the OS was restored we were able to reapply functionality to student Chromebooks offsite.