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Chromebook Return Process Memo to Staff

posted Jun 13, 2015, 7:25 AM by James Monti

Please use this quick reference guide to clarify and outline the Chromebook return process for the end of the 2014-15 school year.

The district will provide homeroom teachers, and advisory teachers the following to assist them with the collection of  their students’ Chromebooks at the end of the school year.

  • 2 sets of labels that include the student’s name, their email address, and their student ID

  • 2 plastic crates

  • 2 - 8.5 x 11 inch laminated posters with the teacher’s name, school and grade level

  • A data collection sheet with the following information:

    • Chromebook returned option - This option is preselected to yes. - Cross out and select the no checkbox for students that don’t return their Chromebook.

    • Chromebook Condition upon return - This option is preselected with 2 Good. Please cross out Good and check the appropriate option (1 Excellent, 2 Good, 3 Fair, 4 Poor). Excellent condition is a Chromebook that looks like it came out of the box. Good condition is a Chromebook that has minor blemishes or scratches on the bezel or case. Fair condition is a Chromebook that has quite a bit of wear, and looks like it may struggle to get through another year. Poor condition is a Chromebook that has visible repairs needed.

    • Chromebook Repairs needed - This option allows teachers to check off any repairs needed for the student’s Chromebook. Please check any of the appropriate check boxes (Broken Case, Hinges, Missing Keys or Keyboard, Touchpad, Power Adapter, Screen Issues).

    • CB Restrict Student to School Use - This option is preselected to no. Teachers can select this option if they feel that the student struggled with bringing their Chromebook home each day. This should also be selected for students that have not taken care of their Chromebook, and are in need of multiple repairs.

    • Help Desk Has Chromebook - This option is preselected to no. Please select the yes option if the student’s Chromebook is at the HelpDesk.

Pre-Collection Assistance from Parents

A message will go out to parents using BrightArrow with the following message.

“During the last week of school your child’s Chromebook will be collected in their homeroom. Please ensure that your child’s Chromebook is cleaned. You can lightly spray the keyboard, screen, and case with an alcohol based screen cleaner, or a cleaner like Windex. Wipe it with a paper towel, or a lint free cloth. Please make sure the computer is powered off during the cleaning process. Please return the Chromebook, and power adapter to your child’s teacher. You do not need to remove any hard cover cases. Your child’s Chromebook will be returned to them in the next school year. You can review the announcements on our district’s website for complete instructions.”

Classroom Collection Process

  • Have students place one new label on the inside to the right of the touchpad. Place the new label on top of the existing label. Have students place the second label on the outside of the Chromebook on top of the existing label.

  • Take cleaned Chromebooks, and place in one of the plastic crates. You should be able to fit thirteen Chromebooks in each crate. Please place the AC adapter for the units on top of the Chromebooks. The number of AC adapters and Chromebooks should match, unless it is noted on the data collection sheet.

  • Fill-out the data collection sheet, and place in one of the crates.

  • Tape the laminated poster sheet on the front of the crates.

  • Place the crates in a corner of your room.

Post Classroom Collection Process

  • IT staff will collect each of the crates and the data collection sheets. The Chromebooks will be held securely during the summer months.  

  • Chromebooks needing repair will be collected, and brought to the HelpDesk office.

  • Information from the data collection sheets will be entered into Aspen, and a report will be made available to the WWPS community regarding this data.

  • IT staff will use student schedule information in Aspen to move each student’s Chromebook to their appropriate homeroom for the 2015-16 school year.

  • Crates with the appropriate student Chromebooks will be returned to teachers in the first week of school.