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Chromebook Information Sheet

posted Jan 16, 2015, 7:30 AM by James Monti
Chromebook Information Sheet


Currently, there are two models manufactured by in use in the WWPS.  They are model numbers C710 (first issue) and C720 (current issue) respectively.

Model number can be determined by finding the bar coded label on the bottom of the unit.  If the label is missing, the models can be determined this way……..the On/Off switch for the C710 model is located in the rear left corner and is illuminated.  The On/Off switch for the C720 model is located in the right rear corner and is NOT illuminated.

This is important if you’re ordering model specific accessories.

Cases and Covers

There are several types and styles available.

The plastic, snap on, clam shell type sold on Amazon do not provide an acceptable level of protection.  Admittedly better than nothing but in reality, not really effective.  The bottom half with extendable feet can be useful in positioning the Chromebook at a more comfortable angle for the user.

Padded, protective cases are available as well.  I’ve not personally seen many of them however, if it does not have a hard shell exterior, it will not afford sufficient protection.

“Cranium Caps” are available through WWPS for $5 and afford the best screen protection.

I recommend a combination of all three items listed above.  In combination, they will provide the most protection while still comfortable and portable.

If you choose to use a single method of protection, I recommend the Cranium Cap.

The Basics

Please, no food or drink when using the Chromebooks.  Accidents occurring due to negligence are not covered by warranty.  Likewise, the availability (or lack thereof) of replacement parts can cause repair delays beyond our control.

Charging/Starting – many units are returned to as “won’t turn on even when plugged in” when actually, the battery has been completely drained and will not start with a completely dead 
battery.  After a 20 to 30 minute bench charge, the unit starts up just fine.  It’s important to actually “Shut Down” the unit if it’s not going to be plugged in when not in use.
Several units have been returned as “battery won’t charge”.  In many cases, check to make sure that the power cord is completely seated in the AC adapter.

Beyond these tips, there’s not much the end user can, or needs to do, to service and maintain your Chromebook.

If you want to help keep it clean, you can spray a soft cloth with Windex BEFORE wiping the unit down.  Do not use any harsh chemicals for cleaning.

When wiping the screen, I recommend laying the screen on a flat surface, like a table, prior to wiping.

If all else fails, your child’s teacher can submit the Chromebook to the front office to be submitted to the Help Desk for repair.

More info

I hope this document addresses some of your questions and concerns and provides some assistance and guidance for you and your child in getting the most out of your Chromebook.

The tips listed have been gleaned from my experience in supporting the over 3,000 Chromebooks that have been distributed throughout the West Warwick Public Schools over the past two years.

We truly hope you enjoy your new Chromebook!

Lester Petrarca
Help Desk Analyst
West Warwick Public Schools