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Announcing #wwpschat on Twitter - Wednesday Nights @8:00PM

posted Jul 21, 2015, 6:08 PM by James Monti
Good Evening Everyone!
As many of you know there are a number of #edchats that take place on Twitter where people with shared interest areas in education can chat about topics facing them in the classroom.  These #edchats take place during set times and everyone can join!

With West Warwick being the first school district in Rhode Island to be fully K-12 1:1 (yay us!!) and seeing the massive amount of tech and information out there, we thought it would be great to start our very own #edchat that focuses solely on WWPS and our unique perspective and issues.

  We invite you to join us this Wednesday evening at 8 PM for the very first #wwpschat!!

So how do you join?  It's easy-

  • First you need to be on Twitter signed in at 8PM tomorrow night
  • Then you simply search for #wwpschat
  • We will do a quick roll call so that everyone can see who is chatting- this is simply a Tweet where you say who you are, what you teach and use #wwpschat
  • Questions will be posted by the moderator and you can share your input and see others input!
  • The Questions will be in the form of Q1:  Q2: ETC.  When you answer you will format your answer with A1:  A2:  etc
  • Every question, answer and comment should contain the hashtag #wwpschat so it will show in our feed.
***A helpful tip is to open TweetDeck (already preloaded on our handy dandy Chromebooks) and add a column for #wwpschat so that every message that contains that hashtag will show automatically without you having to refresh.***

This is our first Twitter Chat and we want to have as much participation as possible so if you can join, contribute or even just lurk- please do!  We know we will have growing pains and just like everything we've done with the new technology- THAT'S OK!!!  

The topic for our inaugural #wwpschat is "Phew, we made it through year one.  Now where do we go??"

We look forward to seeing you on Twitter tomorrow night at 8 PM!!!

Kristen Clark
Social Studies, 8 White Team
John F. Deering Middle School
West Warwick, RI 02893
(401) 822-8445